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Unleash the Power of Generative AI with Friendli Suite: Your End-to-End Solution

Welcome to the exciting world of generative AI, where words dance into text, code sparks creation, and images bloom from the imagination. Friendli Suite empowers you to tap into this potential with three distinct offerings, catering to your specific needs and technical expertise. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a curious newcomer, Friendli Suite provides the perfect platform to bring your AI-powered visions to life.

What is Generative AI Serving?

Before diving into Friendli Suite, let's get familiar with the magic behind the curtain. Generative AI models, including large language models (LLMs), learn from massive datasets of text and code, mimicking human creativity and knowledge. However, utilizing these models in real-world applications requires generative AI serving. Inference serving acts as the bridge between the model and your desired outputs, efficiently processing your prompts and queries to generate text, code, images, and more.

An efficient inference serving is not a process that can be achieved easily. During the process, one needs to actively optimize the various aspects of the system to optimize how the machine can handle user requests efficiently on the limited amount of resources. Inference serving without optimizations can result in extremely high latencies or unnecessarily over-excessive usage of many expensive GPUs. In order to offload such optimization hassles from your concerns, the Friendli Engine steps in to enable fast and cost-efficient inference serving for your generative-AI models.

Friendli Suite: Your Flexible Gateway to Generative AI Mastery

Now, let's meet the three members of Friendli Suite, each unlocking different doors to AI innovation:

1. Friendli Serverless Endpoints: Your Quickest Path to Creativity

Imagine a playground for your AI dreams. Friendli Serverless Endpoint is just that - a simple, click-and-play interface that lets you access popular general-purpose open-source models like Llama 3 and Mixtral 8x7B without any heavy lifting. Choose your model, enter your prompt, and marvel at the generated text, or code outputs. With pay-per-token billing, this is ideal for exploration and experimentation. You can think of it as an AI sampler to try out the abilities of general-purpose AI models.

2. Friendli Dedicated Endpoints: Power and Customization at Your Fingertips

Ready to take the reins and unleash the full potential of your own models? Friendli Dedicated Endpoint is for you. This service provides dedicated GPU resources, letting you upload and run your custom generative AI models. Reserve the exact GPU you need (A10, A100 40G, A100 80G, etc.) and enjoy fine-grained control over your model settings. Pay-per-second billing makes it perfect for regular or resource-intensive workloads.

3. Friendli Container: On-Premise Control for the AI Purist

Do you prefer the comfort and security of your own data center? Friendli Container is the solution. We provide the Friendli Engine within Docker containers that can be installed on your on-premise GPUs so your data stays within your own secure cluster. This option offers maximum control and security, ideal for advanced users or those with specific data privacy requirements.

The Friendli Engine: The Powerhouse Behind the Suite

At the heart of each Friendli Suite offering lies the Friendli Engine, a patented GPU-optimized serving engine. This technological marvel is what enables Friendli Suite's superior performance and cost-effectiveness, featuring innovations like continuous batching (iteration batching) that significantly improve resource utilization compared to traditional LLM serving solutions.

Which Friendli solution is Right for You?

Friendli Suite provides flexibility to match your needs:

No matter your skill level or preferences, Friendli Suite has the perfect option to empower your generative AI journey. Dive in, explore, and unleash the endless possibilities of AI creativity!

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